Is Your Business Social Media Optimized? You are Not Late, Just at the Right Time!

Do you know there are 3.2 billion active social media users in the world… and this equals to almost 42% of the global population… an average user spends 2 hours and 22 minutes across various social media platforms…73% social media marketers confirm that social media has worked for their business. There are many more reasons why you should consider social media for promoting your business. Being one of the leading SMO companies in Kochi and Alleppey, we help clients utilize social media for building unique brand recognizability.

We build your brand presence across social media such that it becomes important news for your prospects, regular customers, and competitors. We ensure that people refer to your brand during their casual talks. Do you want to make your business rank on news feeds across all social media platforms? Request a free discussion with our leading social media experts now!

Our Social Media Optimization Approach

At Abeebe, we adopt a progressive social media optimization strategy, which proceeds in the following way:

  • Audit: Most of our clients already have social media profiles then why is an audit needed? The audit is performed to gauge the effectiveness of existing social media profiles and their impact on prospects and regular customers. This audit allows our experts to devise strategies related to optimizing traffic on social profiles and maximizing the ROI. We have a team of social media optimization experts who have vast experience conducting diligent and thorough audits to identify areas of improvement. These audits also enable us to optimize your social media strengths for better benefits.
  • Awareness Generation: What is the purpose of social media optimization? The answer: is building awareness about your brand. Merely creating an interactive social media page is not enough, rather you need to focus on tapping on the right audience, and sending the right message to them, at the right time. To achieve this, you will require the assistance of a popular social media marketing agency like Abeebe infotech. We know what it takes to build brand awareness and attract the right audience to your social media pages.
  • Customer Engagement: Using social media for customer engagement is one of the proven social media optimization strategies worldwide. However, a few businesses succeed with it, because they do not know how to strike a conversation with their prospects or customers, and keep them engaged. Being a specialist in search engine optimization and social media marketing, we better understand how to engage a customer with the right communication.
  • Regular Updates: Going by figures, you already know that most of your customers are socially active, and they would love to hear from you always. There are chances that these customers may be drawn to competitors if you fail to address them at regular intervals. The social media posts should be made on a regular basis, and social media optimization experts at Abeebe Infotech can do it for you. We will update your business information to your prospects and customers, so that you can focus on other important business areas.

Why choose Abeebe over other social media optimization agencies in Cochin and Alleppey

At Abeebe, we are 100% client-focused and thoroughly listen to them before suggesting the best. Unlike other SMO services in Kochi and Alappuzha, we do not provide the standard solutions. We work with them closely to understand their requirements, and then try to bridge the gap between their goals and achievements by providing them value-driven solutions. Is that all? No. We believe the below features make us one of the best SMO services in Kerala.

  • An appreciable experience and expertise in social media advertising: Social media is a vast domain comprising different platforms. Each platform is different and demands a different approach. We will help you make an impact across all these platforms through organized, and well-perceived organic and paid social media campaigns. Over the years, we have been helping clients amplify their reach, increase their targeting, and boost their brand awareness through the following:
    • Facebook Advertising
    • YouTube Advertising
    • Twitter Advertising
    • LinkedIn Advertising
    • Pinterest Advertising
    • Instagram Advertising
  • Best Social Media Optimization Packages: Yes, we assure it! Our social media services packages are tailored to meet your needs, not our business goals.
  • Continuous Tracking and Improvement Assured: We keep on challenging ourselves every day. Your social media campaigns will be tracked, monitored and revised for better outcomes.
  • A Dedicated Project Manager: For us, every client is the same. From the first day, you will be working with a dedicated project manager, who will lead your social media campaign, and keep you informed at every step.
  • Uninterrupted Customer Support: We make this possible through emails, instant messaging, and phones. Our experts always keep clients informed about every status, and they are also available during working hours to answer their queries.
  • A Detailed Monthly Report: We have always believed that transparency is the best policy to succeed. To assure this, we provide detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reports of activities and results.

At Abeebe, we specialize in all aspects of search engine optimization and social media marketing and have helped several clients like yours to succeed online. Contact us today to get it going!