Wireless IP camera solutions

Wireless IP security cameras are becoming more and more popular in the consumer market, being a cost-effective way to have a comprehensive surveillance system installed in a home or business for an often less expensive price. Wireless cameras are also ideal for people renting homes or apartments. Since there is no need to run video extension cables through walls or ceilings (from the camera to the receiver or recording device) one does not need approval of a landlord to install a wireless security camera system.Our customised camera solution brings the unlimited peace of mind .

Main Functionality

  • Remote and local viewing
  • Video archiving
  • 24/7 operation
  • Real-time video capturing and viewing
  • Works with or without internet connection
  • Automatic power outage recovery
  • Indoor and outdoor operation
  • Removable media video storage.

Key Benefits

  • Dual cellular wifi
  • Remote viewing
  • SMS alerts
  • CamaraShare┬«
  • Motion activated recording
  • Audio recording
  • Zero installation cost.

Common Applications

  • Home surveillance
  • Business surveillance
  • Infrastructure surveillance
  • Worker monitoring
  • Vandal deterrent
  • Remote telepresence