Wireless Technologies in an another vertical in Abeebe. We help wireless service providers and independent agencies for evaluating wireless network performance (KPIs), support for field testing, maintenance, software upgrade, commissioning etc. Our core team works on 5G,LTE, CDMA and GSM technologies.

Remote systems administration innovation is an option in contrast to customary link and fiber optic systems. It is quick turning into a fundamental efficiency device for the present portable workforce.

A remote system utilizes radio waves rather than links to associate gadgets, for example, PCs to the web, or to your business organize. It expels the requirement for costly and muddled wires, and enables you or your staff to get to your organization’s reports, messages and different assets from any area inside your system’s inclusion territory or any WiFi hotspot.

Remote systems are generally simple to set up. By expelling the requirement for wiring, they can be a snappy and practical independent company organizing arrangement.